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Heat Maximizing Waist Wrap (tummy toner)

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- Soft Polyester inner lining, Nylon outer lining and a thin 1.5mm neoprene middle lining.
- Embedded Bio-Ceramic Material to reflect body heat.
- Designed to help smooth and contour your abdominal/lower back area, while providing support.
- Fully adjustable. Features smooth seams throughout for maximum comfort, a pocket for your phone/keys and a soft waistband

Small (25 - 30" waist)
Medium (30 - 39" waist)
Large (40 - 49" waist)


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DELFIN'S HEAT MAXIMIZING Collection is comprised of a thin layer of neoprene embedded with bio-ceramic material which reflects body heat which is in the form of Far Infrared Rays (FIR). The Waist Wrap is designed to smooth and contour your abdominal/lower back area and is more comfortable than alternative products. Each size is completely adjustable. The soft neoprene material contours to fit most body types. Great for both Men and Women. Secure velcro closure pocket with easy open pull tab. Designed to fit your IPod/Keys/Cell Phone. WARNING: Not advised for use during pregnancy, but a great post-birth product to assist reshaping your mid-section.

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Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Melts away Fat!
    Review by emmit Smithon 1/3/2017
    I purchased for myself definitely holds up and makes you sweat off the inches! Thankyou!
  • Rating
    Five Stars
    Review by Maria Marquezon 12/9/2016
    Loved it
  • Rating
    Review by Tracieon 3/25/2015
    It's pretty warm and works great. Kinda wish the pocket on it was a little bit wider, but oh well.
  • Rating
    Four Stars
    Review by Meganon 2/10/2015
    nice but too big
  • Rating
    Five Stars
    Review by LAURA A BELLOon 1/29/2015
    love it - works great!
  • Rating
    Does the job
    Review by Diamond PRincesson 1/28/2015
    Does the job
  • Rating
    Delfin Sap Bio Ceramic Tummy Tightener Review
    Review by Maria Sanchezon 1/2/2015
    Well I am extremely disappointed with this purchase. I have several items from this product line, but this is not a winner. It does not hold its firmness. The bottom portion folds up and it looses its tight shape. After just a couple of times wearing its elasticity does not go back and it stays stretched out. Please do not waste your time or money on this particular product.
  • Rating
    Five Stars
    Review by Stacey Roseon 11/25/2014
    Excellent product, especially for women who have just given birth!
  • Rating
    Review by Amazon Customeron 11/23/2014
  • Rating
    very useful
    Review by circe919on 7/23/2014
    Comfortable fit. Keeps me aware of engaging my core. Really turns up the heat on my abs.
  • Rating
    Review by Lillian Strausson 3/28/2014
    I need to return this because of the size and I didn't care for it. The open bust tankini is better.
  • Rating
    Review by Kathy Kearnson 3/12/2014
    I returned this product because it didn't fit very well under my clothes like I thought it would. Never wore it so I don't know if it works or not.
  • Rating
    Don't Like
    Review by NATASA PITCHFORDon 9/26/2013
    Don't like it. Wish it had zippers. Zippers would have gave a better fit. Zippers would have gave a better fit.
  • Rating
    For workouts only
    Review by Nicoleon 9/14/2013
    I thought I might be able to wear this under my clothing, but it is way too bulky. It works well it you want to get a good tummy sweat while working out though.
  • Rating
    This product does nothing for you!
    Review by Rhonda Kozlowon 8/5/2013
    This product did not hold up to what it was advertised for. A huge waste of my hard earned money.
  • Rating
    Great for after pregnancy!
    Review by JennAon 7/12/2013
    I used it after been cleared from my dr. from a c-section. Really helps to tighten and support after having a baby. I'm happy with the product but you have to use it consistently.
  • Rating
    Fits well.
    Review by eluardaon 7/6/2013
    Confortable fit, soft, able to wear all day long. Helps burn core while doing daily routine. I would like it to be a little longer from top to bottom.
  • Rating
    Makes you sweat but doesn't fit right
    Review by jasmineon 5/31/2013
    I like this wrap, but I feel like it doesn't fit quite right. Most women have an hourglass figure...and I felt like this wasn't for an hourglass figure. It was loose in the mid waist area where I wanted it to be the tightest.
  • Rating
    Review by Amazon Customeron 5/23/2013
    As soon as I put it on I could feel the warmth of it working. Can't wait to see how many inches I loose. Come on summer body.
  • Rating
    Allergic to it
    Review by lynon 4/28/2013
    It fits fine, liked that I can control how tight I wanted it. I wore it for a day and and a bad allergic reaction to it not so great for sensitive skin types, sad I had to return it.
  • Rating
    Well made
    Review by BBon 4/23/2013
    This tightener is well made and it seems good quality, I receive it recently so I can not say if really works for the belly...
  • Rating
    not very strong
    Review by Antoinetteon 3/29/2013
    i'm a big girl i have a big tummy i got this to add and extra something to my zumba workout and it definaly makes my tummy hot bit my fat just crumples the material when i wear it and then i'm sweating so much it rubs the wrong way with all the hip moving. i don't know it it works because its too early but i baought it so i'm going to use it maybe if i looked like the girl in the picture it fit better hahait not very supportivecurls because of back fatrubs when dancing
  • Rating
    Review by jesse veachon 2/4/2013
    Has really helped retrain my abs after baby not to mention it wittles the waist!Gives great back support as well!
  • Rating
    Great item!
    Review by BGon 1/4/2013
    This straps on nicely. I wish it was wider so that is cover from right under my breasts to right above my c-section scar, but it does the job.
  • Rating
    Great Back Brace
    Review by jspenceon 1/2/2013
    Doesn't work as intended but it is a great back brace and I use it frequently. Kind of itches sometimes though.
  • Rating
    I returned it
    Review by Maria Umanskiyon 11/29/2012
    I got myself tightening pants from differetn brand (Zaggora) & they were amazing. Big difference, but pricy. So i decided to try one for tummy.It makes you uncomfortable & look fat! It is like you are wearing a corsage. When i were the Zaggora pants, nobody could tell during class. In addition my back looks smaller! :)When you wera this belt, people started to ask me questions. "Something wrong with your back?"Not good for Zumba classes where you need flexibility.It also hardly make you sweat.
  • Rating
    Great for after having a baby
    Review by Eeocookieon 8/12/2012
    I've been working out and bought this to help me lose inches when I workout. I can't tell if the band helped me lose inches or if it was from working out. I definitely sweated more. What I did notice and didn't expect was that my skin was more toned and my stretch marks were significantly diminishing! Love this product and would definitely recommend for women who just had a baby:). I bought the large and even after losing six inches can still use since it wraps.
  • Rating
    Does not fit larger bellies.
    Review by Amazon Customeron 6/24/2012
    The product material is nice but the width of the tummy tightner is very narrow. I would not recommend if you have a large belly as it will only cover half of your belly.
  • Rating
    Delfin Spa Bio Ceramic Tummy
    Review by M.on 6/15/2012
    Didn't do anything for me. I keep using it to see results but so far nothing and purchase this in the beginning of May. I don't want it anymore.
  • Rating
    Tummy Tightener is Awesome!
    Review by Amazon Customeron 5/12/2012
    I am very happy with this purchase. Product is adjustable to fit well and supports both my tummy and back (added bonus). It also makes you sweat as well!! I love how it holds everything in nice and snug. I haven't owned it long enough to see any dramatic change yet, but so far so good!!
  • Rating
    Love the all fleece side that secures by velcro. I re-cut and sew these into smaller bands for calves,thighs,& arms.
    Review by Lincoln County MTon 3/19/2011
    Ok I have had this band coming up on several years now. Along with the Delfin capri pants. The pants just don't fit me well at all.But the tummy band is great for several reasons. It's out side is a full fleece material that allows the velcro strip on the other end to grab any place that lets you custom fit it just right. It holds secure enough it wouldn't or shouldn't come undone in any kind of excercise. And I'm back today to buy 2 more bands in the largest size to cut in half. And of course I'll have to add a strip of velcro to the half without and sew up the cut edges but I do have a sewing machine that sews through almost all foam type products. It's a portable industrial style not a typical home sewing machines. Anyway cut in half this item is great to wrap around your arms both upper and lower. It's great to wrap around your calf and thighs and even your knees when some support is helpful. The fleece side is what makes this all possible and makes this particular waist band a cut above the others out there. I have severe edema problems and enjoy the bio ceramic neoprene materials to help sweat but also for some compression aid and that includes knees. I bought all my items via Amazon and company shipped quick and had no problems. This material allows me to customize and make wonderful compression aids for specific areas that nothing else is out there for. So think outside the box if you need to and for those who don't sew...or know someone who does check with your local fabric shops many keep lists of people who will listen and help those accomplish something they need customized by cutting and machine.I'm back yet again for another one or two wraps. The price has gone up however since I last ordered. Darn it :/...snoose & it happens.I've found a new use for the bands. I'm attempting to treat my severe chronic and acute edema with ice. It requires a sleeve around the skin to protect from the ice doing any damage. Also something to hold it in place firmly while you sit it out for 30-60 minute treatments. These bands work great. Big enough to get around the whole set of ice wraps and what ever I use on the skin and the neoprene like material double layering helps hold in the cold as well as seems to keep things from leaking/condensing as the ice melts. I use ice packs..real water wafer/quilts so to speak that are large enough to wrap all around my calf,thigh,upper arm and even belly. I do not go much above he waist to prevent any possible damage to organs. Russia and Germany reported some lab work with these techniques for severe edema so after years of thinking about it I finally decided to try. Too early to report on it yet. But do know the edema would go down during my fall time working for up to 3-4 weeks constantly in a cold warehouse where temps were kept at or below 50 degrees. So maybe something to it.