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Anti Cellulite Cream, 5.10 oz

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- A luxurious natural blend that includes algae, green tea, caffeine, and plant complexes
- Cream helps to firm and tighten to diminish the appearance of lumps, ripples, and bulges
- MADE IN USA, not tested on animals
- Use alone or with Delfin Spa exercise apparel


A luxurious natural blend of natural ingredients that helps to firm and tighten skin to diminish the appearance of lumps, ripples, and bulges. Delfin Spa Anti-Cellulite cream is naturally formulated to help cosmetically control and reduce the appearance of cellulite without affecting the body structure. The combination of natural extracts and ingredients such as Ivy, Algae, Caffeine and plant complexes help to beautify, smooth and firm the skin. The result is a visible reduction in cellulite and healthy tight skin.


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Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Could it be?!
    Review by Rebecca Mon 4/29/2015
    I am writing a review separately for this cream, and I had purchased this cream with the bioceramic shorts (which I LOVE!)To be honest, I would NEVER have purchased this cream if it had not been included with the shorts. I also don't believe in creams for cellulite because there is truly nothing that will get rid of fat other than a calorie deficit and/or proper exercise, whether it's HIIT or weight training (preferably a combo of both). Having said that, I thought, what the heck, it came with the shorts, so if nothing else, I will use it as a moisturizer!!I decided to read a little bit about cellulite, and it turns out it is mostly found in the subcutaneous part of the skin, so this should be close enough to target with some bioceramic shorts via sweating. And the the cream, well, what is its function? These days, things are turning up in creams like caffeine and green tea, and while they may be good for revving up your metabolism, I am not so sure about benefits for the skin. But who knows - the skin IS the largest organ in the body and has the ability to absorb things quite well, so maybe there could be something to a caffeine-infused cream!I will share my findings in a minute, but first, "this"...I don't put the cream on PRIOR to exercise because I don't want to sweat it onto my shorts, and I just think that would feel disgusting, especially when I want to take them off. (Besides, the bottle doesn't instruct you to apply prior to exercise - it says apply it morning and night!) What I have done is exercise with my bioceramic shorts, then I shower, and then I apply the cream to thighs, hips, even my triceps. I also concentrate on areas that are sore from weight lifting and believe it or not, I can tell a difference in a reduction of soreness the next day! I have also noticed more skin continuity on my arms and legs - the skin is obviously hydrated and smoother. However, I think a lot of the smoothness I note on my thighs is after sweating a bit from the bioceramic shorts. I also don't use gobs of cream - I use it like I am applying it to hydrate my skin. I have found that applying too much increases drying time, but I have not found this cream to be tacky at all, except maybe on my hands when I am done.What I can say is that I have lost 80lbs, and I will take all the help I can get, seriously! I do HIIT, weight training, and use my bioceramic shorts religiously, applying the cream after showering or before I go to sleep. What I have noticed is that when I apply a little bit to my shoulders and chest, it helps reduce recovery time. Also, I notice that the skin is smoother with better continuity, as I previously mentioned. Oddly enough, for not having been a believer in "cellulite" creams, I have seen some interesting results with this cream, and I am thinking I might not want to live without it...oh my!
  • Rating
    waste of $$
    Review by Deborah Parker Dowdon 2/1/2015
    No difference, waste of $$
  • Rating
    Five Stars
    Review by LAURA A BELLOon 1/29/2015
    love it - it works!
  • Rating
    Waste of
    Review by D.won 10/7/2014
    It do nothing for you. Waste of money
  • Rating
    It's sticky, not pleasant to use
    Review by Irynaon 4/27/2014
    It is sticky, not very pleasant to use. Can't see difference in heating under hotwear with or without using it.
  • Rating
    Pretty good
    Review by Ellen Guariscoon 2/17/2014
    I only went through one tube of this, and I really liked the results. I measured my thighs before use, and after two days, I lost about 1/2" on each. So, along with the Delfin spa pants and regular use, it's a good product.