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CANADA for $12



DELFIN designs and manufactures innovative fitness apparel for women. Each collection we offer is uniquely designed for what women want/need in a product to get the most out of their workout. Our product styles are feminine throughout because they compliment your figure and are slimming for all body types.

What is the product?

Innovative high-quality workout apparel that is both comfortable and flattering. Our collections include a range of products such as capris/shorts, tanks, calf sleeves and a mix of cozy and fun branded gear!

When did you start?


Why did you start?

The founders were introduced to a great technology (bio-ceramic materials) that could be embedded in fabric. The idea of ‘technology fabrics’ 10 years ago didn’t really exist and they felt it would be great addition to the athletic apparel market. The company launched with one product, bio-ceramic shorts, and has grown the product line with additional bio-ceramic options as well as added additional lines over the last 10 years.

Who is your customer?

We love our widely spread demographics! In terms of age, women anywhere from 20 to 65 are enjoying DELFIN. Our growing customer base includes Moms, Yogi’s, professional fitness competitors, runners/walkers, football teams, hikers/climbers, lovers of cross fit, paddle boarders, gym rats…the list goes on!

How do you sell?

Directly via our website (see anything you like??). We also feature our products on Amazon US and Canada, in specialty retailers and through international distributors - including Germany, the UK, and even Indonesia, Korea and China!

Sister Company:

Delfin is not alone in this big bad world. Under the same roof is a sister company called Plangea that has an amazing array of brands, ranging from kids and adult sun protective swimwear, to kids winter apparel, to pet products, to girl’s lacrosse accessories. The product development meetings are crazy!

Life at the Delfin office:

We love animals! Our office cat Tigru lives here and usually plants himself in front of our computer screen demanding some kitty love. Zoey, the energetic pup of Eden, one of the founders, visits us every day. You can find these two scurrying about as Zoey tries to make friends with skeptical, Tigru. No ‘bad day’s’ exist here because the positive vibes and animal antics keep our spirits alive.

Among our busy days shipping, designing new products and running the business, we make time for company BBQ’s and birthday/anniversary celebrations each month.

With a family feel, we get excited watching our business grow. In order to give back, we discuss ideas to raise money for causes and we also attend events as ONE ZOO!

We have our own sewing room, a mini photo studio and just recently built a design room for our amazing digital printer – sure to provide endless new designs you are sure to love!

We value strong customer service and will never be too big to answer your questions and take your product ideas into consideration. From start to finish, you can count on us!